Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arriving in Puerto Rico

After a long night and a very quick dash through Washington DC Airport we arrived at San Juan airport, unfortunately our luggage did not navigate Dulles airport as quickly as we did and would be arriving later that afternoon.  They very kindly offered to deliver it to our hotel later that night.  If I had known how far that was I am not sure if I would have let them.

We decided to drive along the coast road and see if we could find something to eat, the woman said there would be plenty of places and that the Puerto Ricans are very friendly

Along the coast road
We saw a Bar and Grill by the side of the road with a shady place to sit so decided to stop.  I really could not identify what any of the food was so just pointed and hoped for the best.

It looked remarkably like the Papas rellenos that I had made for the daring cooks challenge, but instead of potato it was mashed plantain, I think these are called mufongo rellenos.  I had one with fish in it and another one with ground beef, very tasty and fresh.

Dave had fried fish they called it dorado, but later someone told me that is really just a generic term for white fish here.

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A car of locals pulled up and, they (unlike the old guy in the bar) spoke English, we had a nice chat and next thing I know Geraldo had bought me another beer! Indeed the locals are friendly.

Geraldo (friendly local)
Fortified we carried on to our hotel, it took a couple more hours but when we pulled up it was well worth it.  We were staying on the beach in Rincon a surfers paradise on the west end of the Island.  We arrived at happy hour and the drink of the house was a pirates special served in a coconut, I had to have one.

A pirate special as the sun sets
I have no idea what was in it other than rum and coconut juice, but it went down well.  We had arrived, but our luggage did not until 11:30 that night, I have never been so happy to see a suitcase I was ready for a very long sleep.


  1. Thanks so much for inviting us along on your holiday. It has rained cats and cats today. Nice to know that someone, somewhere, is having an awesome and tasty day

    From the Cottagers Wife, who has finally realized that if I comment as an unknown, I will have no trouble at all!

  2. What a day you had but it all ended up good.The food and beer looked tasty!Keep smiling and sharing your eating and drinking adventures with us. May the sun set on all your rum punches. Liz