Thursday, March 10, 2011

Higgins - Portland Oregon

We walked past Higgins restaurant on our way back to the hotel after dinner on Saturday, it looked inviting and I got a good vibe about it so we checked on the menu, and though not cheap it was not outrageous either.

I checked it out on the Internet and a couple of guide books, it had very good reviews and in fact was #5 out of restaurants in Portland, so we decided to go there for dinner on Sunday.  Apparently this restaurant was doing local and organic before it was fashionable and was one of the leading lights in the sustainable local food movement. One of the reviews that I read talked about their charcuterie which they apparently are famous for so that is what we ordered for our first course.

Charcuterie Plate
What arrived was a marble slab with a wide array of artisanal cold cuts (is that a real thing) and 3 delicious Pate's.  We received a generous basket of olive and walnut bread to eat with them along with a couple of home made pickles.  It was truly delicious and I afraid to say we ate every last bit of it.

For a main course my father ordered the lentil patties served with roasted yams rice and mushrooms

Hazelnut and lentil patties

I tasted a bit of the lentil patty and I really liked it, but my father said he was a little disappointed though it was fine it did not excite him.

I ordered one of the specials of the day which was pork schnitzel with braised pork belly and pear and ginger chutney.  They had me at pork belly also it was served with a fingerling potato salad another weakness of mine.

Pork schnitzel 
The pork schnitzel and the very gingery chutney were a marriage made in heaven and the belly pork was wonderful, the potato salad though was buried under everything and as it had a lot of dressing on it as well the potatoes did not get to shine and were a little overwhelmed. This was not health food but it tasted good.

We were both full and so did not order any dessert just coffee and an early night after a day with a lot of walking.

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