Monday, December 27, 2010

Fridge dinner - frittata

After a week of overindulgence, too much food, too much wine and too much money spent, it is time for pulling in the horns of plenty and making a light dinner from what is left in the fridge and eating it with a nice glass of sparkling water!

I have made this frittata with many different ingredients depending on the fridge I am emptying out (but you do have to have eggs).

Really any vegetable or combination will do, I do like a little potato and it always helps if you have some fresh herbs. If you have left over cooked vegetables you can also use these just add them at the end just before the eggs.

This is what I found in my fridge.

This fed 2

Half an onion
About 10 snow peas
2 large carrots
1 cooked lamb sausage
A bunch of broccalini
4 very small potatoes
fresh basil and parsley (about 1/4 cup chopped)
1 cup of several hunks of random cheese grated.
4 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
Two not so happy campari tomatoes

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan then add the onion and cook until translucent, Add any longer cooking vegetables such as carrots potatoes, winter squash or sweet potato, or any uncooked meat. Cook on medium stirring often until they are almost cooked.

Add the cooked meat and any green vegetables and stir in until they are softened.

Whilst this is happening in between stirring whisk together the eggs with the milk, grated cheese and fresh chopped herbs salt and pepper.

When the green vegetables are looking almost cooked and the potato is tender pour on the egg mixture.

Stir in, and then turn to a very low and put on a lid.  Cook for about 15 minutes until the egg is cooked through and all the vegetables are tender.

If you have them add the tomato sliced on top (but if you don't have any tomatoes no big deal) sprinkle on the last of the grated cheese, and pre heat the broiler.

Ready for the oven
put the fritatta under the broiler until the cheese has melted and everything looks good.  Serve with a light green salad and maybe some good bread and a meal fit for a king from left overs.

Some of my favourite things to add to frittata are:- Chirozo sausage, red peppers, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, Bacon (add first before the onion) and green beans. You can of course make this vegetarian by not adding any meat.

Dinner is served

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