Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Simpsons visit Karnak

Tonight my husband was out for dinner, so it was just me and the boys, so I cooked their favourite dinner, buffalo chicken, Caesar salad and cheesy potatoes, all of which I have blogged before.  I am now officially the best Mother, (for an hour or so anyway)

So I thought I would share  a moment from Egypt.

Karnak temple
Karnak temple was the largest of all the temples we visited and it was awesome and fascinating to walk around.

Row of rams guarding the entrance.

And like many times on the trip I felt like pinching myself I was actually there.

This obelisk was cut from one piece of stone and is much larger than it looks.
But on the way out of the temple we passed an advertising poster for a light show at the temple.  When I got close enough to see it properly I burst out laughing.  I mean doesn't that look like an enormous Marg Simpson dressed as a Pharaoh?

We were leaving that day, or I would have been tempted to go back to see this, was that a blow up character or just lasers?  I am sure it would have been worth finding out.

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