Monday, October 10, 2011

orange stewed prunes

I know what you are thinking stewed prunes! But actually I really like prunes and I was looking for some fruit to eat on my yogurt for breakfast.  I have committed to eat only local fruit in season for breakfast for a year, I have some stewed rhubarb in my freezer and also some whole blueberries that I froze in season.  But this will only last for so long and so stewed prunes are something I can make any time of year I just have to check on the package to see where they are from.

So all I did was put 1 cup of dried prunes in to a pot and added enough orange juice to almost cover them.

Then I added the grated rind from one orange and simmered together slowly for about 20 minutes until most of the orange juice had disappeared.

A not very attractive picture of prunes ready for the fridge.
I packed these in a plastic container and 3 or 4 prunes on my plain yogurt in the morning makes a good breakfast, tasty and good for me too.

The addition of the orange juice and zest really added to the flavour and you can curl your nose up if you like but stewed prunes should not be relegated to nursing homes and old people.

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