Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mexican pot roast part 1

The cooler weather has me thinking comfort foods and one of my favourites is beef pot roast.  Normally I would buy a nicely marbled chuck roast or some other rather fatty tough cut, but I am trying to cut down on the fat so I chose an inside round roast. As this can be rather dry I wanted to have a tasty sauce to serve with it.

In August I Made some Home made Salsa and canned it. The idea was so that I could use it in recipes that called for salsa.  So this seemed the perfect oportunity to use it for both flavour and moistness. I spent the afternoon at Ioco Ghost town days helping children decorate the cookies I had made, so I decided to cook my pot roast in the slow cooker.

I placed the beef roast in the slow cooker and poured one of my jars of home made salsa over it.  If you were not lucky enough to have some home made you could use a purchased one.

Then I turned the slow cooker on to high and went to decorate cookies and when I returned 5 hours later I had a cooked pot roast and a wonderful smell in the house.

I did indeed have a lot of liquid but I wanted to cook it down a little and thicken it slightly, so I poured the liquid in to a pot and simmered with out a lid for about 15 minutes until the sauce had concentrated down to a point when it tasted full of flavour.

Cooking juices ready to concentrate down.
Just before serving I stirred in a tablespoon of flour dissolved in a 1/4 cup of cold water to thicken the sauce slightly.

I sliced the beef and poured over the sauce and served with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. This tasted fine, it would probably have been even better with a less lean cut of beef, but the sauce did help moisten the roast.  I also feel very smug about having my home made salsa, how organized I am? 

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