Thursday, July 21, 2011

Salad de Fruits Restaurant Vancouver

My Father met me after work one evening this week and since the rest of the family was not going to be home for dinner we decided to go out.  The choice of where to go was not too hard as one of our favourite restaurants was close by, Salad de fruits.  It turned out to be a lovely evening so we thought it would be nice to sit outside on their deck and enjoy the evening.

Out door seating at Salad de fruits
  We started by sharing a Salade de chèvre chaud. (salad with warm goat cheese) This is a salad that I make sometimes, and we thought it would be a nice light start to the meal.

The salad was good, it had a light dressing on the mixed lettuce not drowning as I often find restaurant salads, and the cheese croutons were warm crisp and tangy.  Nothing spectacular but good never the less.

I ordered my old stand by duck confit.  It came with a wonderful cassis sauce that was tangy and not too sweet, and a selection of tender crisp vegetables.  This really was not authentically french, as in France traditionally the vegetables are well cooked and usually do not come with the meat.  But authentic or not they were delicious and cooked perfectly the duck and vegetables were sitting on a lovely garlic mashed potatoes.  These were so good I think they must have had a whole lot of butter in them, really the duck was not too salty as confit sometimes can be, and it was meltingly tender.

My father ordered Lapin (rabbit) and he decided to opt for fries instead of the vegetables.

There were a lot of fries, but being the good daughter that I am, I helped him out.  The rabbit was delicious cooked confit like the duck and served with a wonderful sauce with olives in it. There was also what tasted like a home made mayonnaise to dip the fries in, if you felt you were not getting enough fat.

Much to our waiters derision we did not have enough room for dessert, but just settled for a cup of coffee.  It was a lovely evening sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine and a wonderful meal together.  The food is always good and the prices are reasonable, with the main courses being around $20.00.  They have a fixed price menu which for $25.00 you get 3 courses, which is a really good deal if you can eat 3 full courses!

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