Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lake Breeze winery - Naramata bench

I have been going to Naramata every summer for about 24 years, and though the village itself has not changed much, the surrounding area has.  When we first started coming, there were a couple of wineries and the remainder of the area was devoted to growing fruit trees, peaches, cherries or apples. It is now reversed, there are ever more wineries and vineyards and fewer and fewer orchards.

One of the wineries that has been there for a few years now Lake Breeze, has branched out in to serving food on the deck. So this Wednesday when finally the weather had turned sunny and warm we decided to go there for lunch.

The patio was full and we were lucky to get a seat with out a reservation.  We had tasted the wines a couple of days before and therefore new that they would be good, and as you are eating right at the winery the wines are not much more that buying them from the wine store.

Two people ordered the cold roast chicken salad.

Though I did not get to try this they both said it was delicious and the salad did not look like it had too much dressing on it and there were some lovely looking berries on it.

My father and husband had the spaghetti.

This I did get to taste and it was delicious, the sauce was made from olive oil, olives, semi dried tomatoes and goats cheese, another bonus was that it was piping hot,

I chose the confit of pork served with a peach glaze.

The pork was very moist and tender and the glaze was not cloyingly sweet, which it looked like when it arrived.  We had a bottle of the Lake Breeze pinot gris which we had tasted previously and it certainly went well with my dish.

One of our party is a dessert queen and she ordered the strawberry tart with pistachio pastry cream.  It certainly looked dramatic and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Very dramatic and rather rustic looking strawberry tart
We had a wonderful lunch sitting in the shade of the umbrellas and the warmth finally of an Okanagan afternoon.

I am taking a photogrophy course while I am here so I will share one of my artsy photo's that I took while we had lunch.

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