Friday, July 1, 2011

San Lorenzo Market - Florence's Central Market

My original vision had been to go to the market and buy food to cook back up at the apartment, well the timing was off, and sometimes you have to change the vision to meet the reality.  So we went to the Central market for lunch instead, not a bad thing.

Around the central food market there are several streets of vendors selling leather goods, scarves and all kinds of jewellery and other touristy items.

I really wish I had bought this umbrella, it was the only one I saw and what a perfect souvenir for someone who lives in a rain forest.

We poked around the stalls bought a few scarves, belts, bags and wallets as presents for family at home and then headed in to the food market.

There was of course every kind of pasta that you have ever seen, olives and vegetables.

Beautiful zucchini flowers

 One of the specialities of the area (which I am ashamed to say we did not try) was tripe.  There are many types of tripe apparently and stalls selling nothing but tripe.

Tripe of many kinds
There were also stalls selling another regional speciality beef.

This we did try several times.

I found a stall selling sun dried cherry tomatoes, they were still a little soft and tasted wonderful.  They vacuum packed them for me so I bought some to bring home.  I look forward to cooking an Italian meal and incorporating them.

very tasty sun dried cherry tomatoes
For lunch there was a stall that carved pork and beef fresh off the roast and served it in bread buns with plenty au jus on them.

Sandwich stall in the market

This was something that Connie had read about so we decided to try, half of us had beef the other half pork.

Beef sandwich
These were very good and reasonable and the perfect lunch.

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