Monday, July 4, 2011

Last night in Florence Alfredo's

Alfredo's was a restaurant also very close to our apartment and recommended both by the owner and a couple of books, so we went there for dinner on our last night in Florence.

Again most of the diners were Italian and it was not too busy when we arrived but more people kept coming in, and obviously a lot of them were regulars and seemed to know the people working there.

For a starter I wanted to try ribollita, a traditional Tuscan soup that has bread as a main ingredient, I wanted to try it as I had never had it before.  Of course this was a bit of a waste as I still could not taste.

It really did not photograph well, but actually it was good and hearty, I can imagine this would be much more popular in the winter.  Some recipes I have seen talk about bean soup with croutons in it.  The bread was much more than croutons it was the main ingredient.  Texturally it was good and the others tell me it tasted good aswell.

For my main course I chose my perennial favourite veal Milanese.

The veal came on the bone and as often in Italy it seems, no vegetables it had a crunchy crust with a tender centre just they way it should be, and I am sure it tasted good too.

Jacky and Connie had the pappardelle with wild boar sauce.  Though I am not terribly fond of pasta this dish really appealed to me and I want to try making this when I get home.  They thoroughly enjoyed theirs.

Nancy decided to order lasagna.

This was not as tomatoey as Nancy was used to, and though she said she enjoyed it, she really preferred it with more tomatoes.

All in all it was a good meal and we were all sad to leave Florence, it had been a very enjoyable 5 days, and I will have to go back with my husband he would love it and when I have taste buds.

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