Sunday, April 28, 2013

Airport food London, Frankfurt

There is a lot of bad food at airports, but I maintain that you can find good food almost anywhere if you try a little. I have had quite good Texas barbecue in Houston airport and actually very good Mexican food in Los Angeles.  So when we had a couple of hours to lose in Heathrow on Saturday I was on the look out for a bacon sarni (bacon sandwich) This is my hometown and there are a couple of things that miss about England and English bacon is one of them.

We arrived at Heathrow at what was the middle of the night Vancouver time, but lunchtime London time. We found a little place tucked away in terminal 1, that advertised traditional English food and one of the items on their menu was a bacon bap.  A bap is a soft white bun and so this is what I ordered along with a "bucks fizz" (champagne and orange juice) This was the first day of a holiday after all.

The bacon was every bit as good as I remembered and the bap was warm, soft and fresh.  This fortified us for the next leg of our trip, which was Frankfurt.

So what do you eat in Frankfurt? sausages and soft pretzels that's what.

We ordered Munich sausage and a pretzel, what arrived was a bowl with two large very white sausages in it, with a large soft pretzel sitting on top. The pretzel was fine but really the vision of my friend Nancy, but the sausage was frankly a little odd.  I do not even have a photograph of them as they looked strange and very white, but tasted fine with a good amount of mustard.  Another of our party ordered sausages with sauerkraut.

These sausages were very tasty as was the saurkraut, this made a very tasty lunch and made up for the very bad cold schnitzle and potato salad the Lufthanza had served.  On the way to our gate we noticed a store selling food to take on your flight.  They had some beautifully presented salads in jewel like containers.

We did not buy any of these, but they looked so beautiful I kind of wish we had.

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