Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nu restaurant

I work on South Granville in Vancouver. There are a plethora of good restaurants for lunch and dinner, from extremely expensive to extremely cheap, of almost every ethnicity that you can think of. Last Tuesday I had an appointment after work, that meant I had to grab a quick bite to eat before going.  I did not want to spend a lot of money or time, so I decided to go to Nu restaurant. This little hole in the wall take out is owned by the same people as the upscale "C" restaurant.

The interior is spare and simple as is the menu. They advertise that they provide modern, authentic homemade Greek food. The choices are basically souvlaki with a choice of several meats and seafood with a selection of 4 salads and 3 dips.

I ordered the lamb souvlaki with chickpea and mint salad along with greek salad.

The lamb was precooked and very tender and tasty.  It was not the normal souvlaki that you get, a grilled stick of lamb still a little on the pink side.  This was kept in thin sauce and was falling apart from long cooking.

The salads were fresh and full of flavour with a flourish of fresh squeezed lemon over the whole thing as it was served.

This meal cost me $8.00 (including a bottle of water or pop), basically McDonalds prices, but it was fresh and appeared and tasted to be all made from scratch.  The satsiki was rich and creamy and not too garlicky.  All in all a great option for a cheap quick meal.

There are a couple of tables to sit and eat, but really this is geared much more as a take out restaurant, and that is what the couple of people did that came in while I was sitting there.

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