Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vij's Restaurant

I don't think that there is any doubt that Vij's is the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver, possibly North America.  When he first opened up 18 years a go, I would eat there a couple of times a week for lunch. The food was amazing and cheap and Vij was always there greeting and serving and generally making everyone welcome. I went to Vij's restaurant this week for the first time in a while and it was as good as ever, and Vij was as welcoming as ever. I am afraid I did not take many or very good pictures, due to not wanting to embarrass my son too much.

We arrived at 5:15 and there was already a long line up to get in, Vij opened the door at 5:30 precisely and we all filed in.  We got a table for three, but we were near to the last table seated, the remainder had to wait until we had finished!  You can not make reservations and this was on a Wednesday night, it only gets worse on the weekend, but if you are willing to eat early it is worth the 15 or 20 minute wait in line.

My Father and Son both ordered spiced duck breast with fennel seed curry.

This cost $28.00 but the duck breast was very large and meaty, in the picture above several pieces had already been taken off the plate.  The duck was char grilled and still rare inside with the most delicious curry sauce and potatoes underneath.  I was jealous as this was very delicious, but they shared with me.  The food comes in serving bowls and everyone is given a small plate, so sharing is definitely encouraged.

I ordered goat with mildly spiced vegetables.

This was also $28.00, this was a good curry, but not as spectacular as most of the dishes I have had here.  I would highly recommend the jack fruit and the lamb Popsicles, I have had these on previous occasions and they are wonderful.

While you are waiting for your meal (or table) servers circulate with chai tea and platters of what can only be described as Indian hors d'oeuvres.  Pakoras, parathas, and yucca fries.

My Father and I had a glass of Joi Farm Muscat that was also wonderful and a perfect accompaniment with the spicy food.

Vij continues to deliver and is in the process of opening a new restaurant, which I will definitely to try.  He said to me that night "I never thought I would still be here 18 years ago", well I for one am glad that he is and the food is still for the most part spectacular.

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