Sunday, May 27, 2012

Suika West Broadway

I have actually been to this restaurant several times for lunch as it is close to work and very good.  This week it was a colleagues birthday, so 6 of us went for lunch to celebrate.  This is not your normal Japanese food that I am familiar with, so I struggle a little with menu not really knowing what things are.  But I have always been pleased with what I received even if sometimes as was the case this time a little surprised.

What ever you order the meal always starts with a green salad served family style in a big bowl.

This has a very tasty dressing, I have to say one of my favourite things to order in a Japanese restaurant is the green salad as the dressing is usually very good.

One member of our party ordered a sashimi rice bowl

This as the name would suggest was chopped up sashimi served on top of rice, I did not try any of this but he seemed very happy with it.

A couple of people ordered the spicy shrimp on rice.

I have had this in the past and it is extremely tasty but quite rich, as there is a mayonnaise sauce as well as the chili sauce. One member of our party, who in the past had not been happy with her choices did like this dish.

Another friend ordered a spicy pork on rice, she did ask how hot it was, and was assured not too hot, but in fact it was very spicy and though she did finish it, she was sweating a bit.

As with all the other dishes (except mine) it came with miso soup and kimchi.  Then my dish arrived.

This was pork cutlet and beef tendon curry. I was surprised when I saw my plate, it did not look very Japanese it looked more like a blue plate special at a diner.  Actually it was very tasty, the pork was crisp and the beef curry was like shredded beef and melted in your mouth.  My biggest problem was that it was very heavy in meat and rice and other than a little shredded cabbage not a vegetable in sight. Most days for lunch I have a salad, so this was quite a departure from the norm.

I really wish I had ordered the grilled fish that I saw a couple of tables having, that looked very good and a little lighter.

 This is one of my Fathers favourite lunch spots when he comes in to town to meet me for lunch, and I will be going again, and I will try to figure out the menu.

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