Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nostalgic lunch in Bellingham

It would have been my Mother in laws 90 birthday on Sunday, she passed away a couple of years ago and is sadly missed by her family. My sister in law used this as a motivation to get the 5 siblings and their partners together.  She lives in a very unusual house down in Bellingham Washington State.

There is a lovely deck which they have just finished, with a view looking over Fairhaven to the Pacific.  Though the sun was shining it really was too cool to be sitting out yet but it will be wonderful when the weather warms up.

Mary Ann cooked every ones favourite dishes that there mother used to make.  Some exactly as she had done them like Macaroni cheese which she had made in one of her mothers baking dishes.

Old fashioned macaroni cheese

 And others with a little twist like the salad.

She always made salad with iceburg lettuce and bottled salad dressing, nothing fancy.  So Mary Anne made this wonderful platter of chunks of iceberg with heirloom tomatoes and yellow pepper.  There were some jars of dressing, but there was also wonderful home made buttermilk ranch style dressing.

There was also every ones favourites devilled eggs.

Devilled eggs certainly are a throw back to the 60's but if you ever put them out on a buffet table they always go.  We also had a dish called shipwreck, which was casserole made with onions ground beef, carrots, celery and tomatoes.  I can not say it was one of my favourites but it was an old favourite of the family.

We also had salmon with a topping of pesto, not one of the old chestnuts, but it was delicious any way.

Baked Salmon
As far as I could tell all she did was spread pesto on top of the salmon fillet and then baked it in the oven for about 20 minutes until it was cooked through, something I will have to try.

As always everything was beautifully presented and we had a lovely afternoon reminiscing and remembering a very special and much loved mother.

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