Thursday, October 23, 2014

A month In tuscany day 27 - Finally a little culture

Day 27 dawned sunny and warm again and we all headed in to Siena, some walking some bussing and some in the car. I was on the walking crew and could not help taking yet more pictures of the scenery on the way.

We decided that since this was the last day of a full house we would do the things in Siena that we had not yet done and all meet for lunch.  Unfortunately our first choice was closed but we went with plan b.  This was the restaurant that we had gone to on the rainy market day. This time though since it was such a nice day we sat outside.  To start we ordered zucchini flowers to share.

Not only beautiful but very delicate and tasty. Unfortunately it is now 3 weeks later and I can not remember who ordered what, but I had the wild boar which was again very tasty, though I was looking forward to vegetables at this point.

The mushroom risotto was a popular choice as this also had been extremely tasty last time we were there.

I think the favourite dish this was the beef steak cooked with a red wine sauce.  This was so intense and flavourful.

It was a wonderful lunch all 11 of us together and Debbie had bought a load of scarves for gifts so at some point we were all (including the men) wearing scarves. We drank wine and laughed and talked like a large Italian family, which by this time we were.  After lunch we split to go and see the different things that we had not seen yet.  Nancy and I headed to the museum in the Campo.  This was not a religious building as it was the city hall, but it certainly could have been mistaken for one. There was an informative, if confusing to use, audio guide. But what I actually enjoyed more was a display of an artist displayed in the vaulted basement.  The pictures really went well with their surroundings and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around.

We decided that night to fire up the pizza oven for one more time and made pizza with what was left in the fridge.

This was a good way of using up some of the left over mushrooms, cheese and salami.  We also roasted some tuscan sausages for old times sake.

We finished the evening with a fashion show of all the clothes and boots that we had bought. I did not see Gord's head there until I lightened the photograph!

A good day and evening, though I was really feeling the imminent end.

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