Saturday, October 4, 2014

A month in Tuscany day 25 - Another day in Siena

With every new arrival I like to walk with them in to Siena to orient them to the city.  I know the shops and restaurants very well but for the more cultural sights they will have to rely on others or a guide book I am afraid. As usual there were beautiful vistas and views down narrow streets that you can not help taking a photograph of.

It was a perfect day warm and sunny, but not too hot.  We decided to eat on the street near the Campo at a restaurant that I had been to for lunch several times.  Ken wanted lasagna, so that is what he ordered.

He said it was OK but not great.  Pat was feeling like a salad, they had been away for over week and really wanted something light.

She was happy with her choice, just salad with grilled chicken.  I ordered the lemon chicken, when it arrived I realised that was what I was cooking for dinner! Oh well I love lemon chicken and this was very good with roasted rosemary potatoes, another favourite of mine.

We walked through the city checked out the bank museum, but unfortunately they still did not have the paintings exhibit open, but as Pat works for a financial institution, she was interested in seeing an Italian bank and the ledgers going back to the 1400 hundreds.

We got back to the villa in time for happy hour.  For dinner I wanted to make a Tuscan tomato and bread soup called pappa al pomodoro.  The tomatoes are wonderful here and I had been collecting the ends of the bread each day.

This turned out exactly as I have had it a couple times on the trip and was a big hit.  The weather was a little cooler so we ended up eating dinner in the kitchen.

We ate by candle light around the large marble table.  After the soup there was lemon chicken.

The evening ended with dancing in the kitchen!

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