Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spaghetti squash with ground turkey sauce

It is that time of year, the after Christmas, after Birthday time to lose a few lbs before summer takes hold.  This year the goal is 10lbs by the end of April and my trip to Croatia.  Sadly this is an annual thing for me, but if I didn't do it I would be the size of a house so back on the wagon again.

Though I want to lower the calories in my food, I do not want to eat "diet" food or artificially lightened foods like low fat cheese or pre made low cal dinners.  The challenge is come up with tasty healthy food, but at the end of the day portion control is really the biggest thing for me.

My husband loves pasta, and as I do not really care for it that much, it always seems like a waste of calories.  But I saw this small spaghetti squash the other day and decided that in fact this was answer to all my problems, (well a couple anyway)  I could cook pasta for my husband and then I would have the spaghetti squash which he does not really care for, and everyone is happy.

I cut the squash in half, scooped out the seeds, placed it in a microwaveable dish and filled the cavity with water.

Then I placed the other half on top.

I placed this in the microwave for 10 minutes.  Just about the same length of time to cook the penne for my husband. The squash can sit and steam while everything else is finished off.  Then shred with a fork into a pasta dish.

This one small squash made enough for two meals one dinner and one lunch.  For a sauce I made a simple basic pasta sauce with onion, garlic, ground turkey, crushed tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

Low fat, low calorie, but most importantly tasty, and my husband was so happy to be having pasta. Though I could have probably poured a jar of pre made sauce on it and he would have been just as happy :(

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