Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bob likes Thai food

Across the road from work a couple of months ago the small restaurant Go Fish closed, and shortly thereafter a new restaurant opened up.  I checked the menu and it was a Thai restaurant called Bob Likes Thai Food.  So on Thursday night when Nancy my husband and I were going to the theatre and needed somewhere in the area for dinner I suggested this place as I was getting a good vibe about it.

The first thing that stuck out on the menu was Bob's poutine, Nancy and I decided we had to try it, so we ordered a portion to share.

These were amazing, tarot chips with a light fragarent thai sauce, hot peppers and a little fried tofu to emulate the cheese curds.  There was just enough sauce to make them flavourful, but not soggy and the chips were light and crispy with no hint of grease.  To say I loved them would be an understatement.

We each then ordered a dish to share, I ordered rather boringly beef coconut curry.

This was also good, though not as earth shatteringly good as the poutine.  It was creamy and with all the fragarent flavour you expect in good Thai food.

Nancy ordered fish cakes.

The fish cakes were made with salmon, we asked, and were tasty and served with a tangy sauce with cucumbers and red onion in it.  These were also very good and easy to share.

My husband ordered chicken with cashew nut.

This was a little dissapointing as it was missing the fragrance and sharp flavours of the other dishes and the flavours were a little muddy tasting.  It was not bad, just not up to the standards of the other dishes.

Connie has been telling me about a Thai restaurant on Main street that she wanted me to try for a while, well it turns out that this is another location for the same restaurant.  So when we found our selves on South Granville for lunch on Saturday, we decided to go there.  I introduced her to Bob's poutine and she introduced me to 6 bites.

You receive 6 little cups with a leaf in each one which for the life of me I can not remember the name of. These leaves are filled with an explosion of flavour.  I am not sure what is all in there, but there is peanuts, lime, lemon grass and something crunchy.  You pop the whole thing in your mouth at once and it is wonderful. There is another dish on the menu called "fish and chips" which is right next to the poutine, and I will be going back to try Bobs take on this traditional English dish.

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