Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roast beef with mahogany gravy

This is not so much a recipe as a technique for a great rich dark full bodied beef gravy.  I saw this done by a friend in England last time I was there and ever since this is how I have been cooking my roast beef.  I can not give quantities as it really varies depending how many juices come out of the beef, how much gravy you want, and whether the moon is full or not.  Actually not the last one or least I don't think so.

finished gravy sitting in a perfect Yorkshire pudding.
Before placing the roast in the roast in the roasting tin place an onion (or two) roughly chopped in the bottom and then place the roast on top.  In this case this roast was to feed 6 and I used one large onion.

Sprinkle the roast liberally with salt and pepper and if as was the case with this one there is not a lot of fat on the outside, pour a little olive oil over.  Roast as you normally do to the doneness that you like, then when you remove the beef to rest you are left with a roasting tin with not only some lovely drippings but also some wonderfully caramelized onion.

Make your gravy as you normally would, I add a tablespoon of flour to the fat and drippings cook on top of the stove for about a minute then add red wine and beef stock and some water strained from the vegetables.  I do not like my gravy to thick, but I do like quite a bit, especially if we are having Yorkshire puddings.

The addition of the onion to the roasting tin adds not only a complexity to the flavour of the gravy, but a wonderful dark rich brown colour.

I served this with mashed potatoes which were  mashed together with a celery root. I used 5 potatoes to one small celery root. Just peel like a potato and cut up and cook with the potatoes as it takes the same length of time to cook.

I can not tell you how good this combination is, the celery root gives a wonderful subtle celery flavour to  the mashed potatoes with out changing the texture at all. Definitely a new favourite in this house. I am salivating as I am typing this thinking of that lovely rich gravy poured over those mashed potatoes.

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