Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barbecued pork tenderloin with herb butter

After a wonderful week at Naramata in the heart of the wine country in the Okanagan, we were lucky enough to prolong our vacation by one more night staying at my friends house in Summerland.  This is always an excuse to cook up a feast to enjoy sitting outside on a warm Okanagan evening enjoying old friends and wine picked up at the surrounding wineries.

This evening there was going to be 9 of us and I was picking up the food.  I chose pork tenderloin as they are lean and tasty and feed a crowd with out spending too much money.  The only drawback of pork tenderloin is that like chicken breasts it can be a little dry, so I decided to butterfly the tenderloins and smear with herb butter, to help keep them moist.

I butterflied the pork the same way as for the mushroom stuffed pork tenderloin then generously smeared with butter that was mixed with chopped salt, parsley, basil and mint. Then trussed it closed and smeared the outside with some more of the herb butter.

I cooked 3 tenderloins for 9 people and it was all eaten except for a couple of pieces.  We placed the pork on to the side of the barbecue that was not lit and cranked the other side up to high and roasted them for about 1/2 an hour turning occasionally.

When they were golden on the outside and just cooked through we took them off and sliced them up after they had rested for a few minutes.

We had this pork along with a delicious beet and goat cheese salad brought by some neighbours and some par potatoes that Ken had parboiled and then mixed with red onion, garlic, green pepper and an enormous gob of butter.

He then wrapped them in tin foil and we also cooked them on the barbecue along with the pork and some mini peppers.

It was a delicious meal and I enjoyed the long warm evening. Summer is such a wonderful time to enjoy time outside with friends, it really makes you want to live in a warmer climate all year round.  But perhaps if it was always sunny and warm, you would not appreciate it so much.

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