Saturday, June 23, 2012

White asparagus soup

White asparagus is something that I am not really sure if I have ever had before, but during my week in England I think I had more than most people have in a life time.  A friend was visiting from Belgium, who lived next door to a white asparagus farm and sent a case of white asaparagus.  Some of it was young and tender and some of it was old and woody. The only thing to do with old woody asparagus, white or green, is make soup.

Asparagus soup served in a cabbage!
All I did was saute some onion in a little olive oil until transparent and then added peeled chopped white asparagus.

I cooked this for about 10 minutes on low stirring occasionally until the asparagus was starting to soften.  Then added enough chicken stock to cover and a little chopped parsley.

I simmered this for about 30 minutes with a lid on until the asparagus was well and truly cooked through. Then using a hand blender I blitzed it so it was smooth, and added a little cream.

I made two large batches of this and left one of them in the freezer when I left. This made a wonderful creamy very delicately flavoured soup.  But I think I am now asparagussed out for a while.  At least until it is asparagus season again next year.

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