Sunday, June 10, 2012

Almost ratatouille

We came home from a hard day's shopping in Watford looking forward to moules marinier and french fries, a quick easy dinner to make, especially as Jacky's husband was making the fries.  So we did not really start thinking about cooking until very close to dinner time.  The fries were cut and soaking in water time to prepare the mussels.  Horrors the mussels were past their due date and not looking as healthy as they should and none of us wanted to take a chance, so plan b it was.

Jacky produced some chicken breasts and assorted vegetables from the cellar, we perused the ingredients and we came up with roasted ratatouille (substituting the eggplant with mushroom) chicken in home made barbecue sauce, green salad with warm balsamic dressing and of course french fries.

Jacky took on the chicken and salad, Howard the fries and I was responsible for the roasted vegetables.  I had

  • 2 portabello mushrooms, 
  • 2 red peppers, 
  • 2 zucchini (courgettes), 
  • 2 small red onions 
  • a box of cherry tomatoes

I quickly chopped all the vegetables up through them in a roasting tin added the tomatoes and drizzled on some olive oil, and threw them in a 400 oven.  These cooked for just over half an hour which was the time it took to prepare the remainder of the meal. The vegetables were soft and just turning black on the edges, absolutely perfect.

While I did this Jacky cut up 4 chicken breasts in to fingers and rolled them in her home made barbecue sauce, which I really must get the recipe for.

She heated up a ridged griddle pan and cooked them, had the weather been nicer I think these would have been barbecued, but the griddle pan did the job nicely.

For the salad Jacky added a little olive oil to a small frying pan then added some green onion cut up.  She heated this up and added some balsamic vinegar and little white wine vinegar cooked it down a little and then let it sit keeping warm while everything else was thrown together.

At the very last minute this was tossed with the salad greens and made a very nice light salad which complimented the rest of the meal beautifully.

Just as everything was coming together Howard arrived in from the barbecue shelter where he had been deep frying the chips. Is there anything better than freshly fried chips (french fries)? I am not sure that there is and we made short work of these.

Well it was not what we had planned to make, but a delicious meal never the less.  Maybe the moules would happen another evening.

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