Sunday, June 19, 2011

Things to do in London #2 -Marks and Spencers and Italian lunch

One of the Most important things to do in London is to go to the Marble Arch Marks and Spencers to pick up underwear. They make Bras and underwear (knickers) in every shape and size, I along with Connie have an unusual bras size which in Canada is very hard to find, and often in only limited styles.  But here there are endless choices.

I did not take any pictures of the underwear department of Marks and Spencers, but it is vast and a joy to behold.  There are many other branches, but the Marble Arch store is the flagship and the largest. It is situated at the Marble Arch end of Oxford street close to the Marble Arch tube station and on many bus routes including the 159.

After an exhausting morning of shopping, Nancy and I were looking for lunch and wandered a little down Oxford Street when we came upon Bella Italia on Duke street about half a block down from Oxford street

It was calling to us as we off to Italy in a couple of days and it looked good.  On further research I have found out that in fact it is one of a chain and they have restaurants all over England.  We ordered a Pizza and salad to share.

Pizza peperoni piquant

The pizza that we ordered was spicy and tasty and came on a thin crispy base and was just what we were looking for.  To go with this we ordered a salad consisting of mini mozzarella balls, avocado, baby plum tomatoes, rocket and basil with pesto dressing.

The salad was also good and certainly gave me some ideas for home, the pesto drizzled over the salad was very wonderful and something I will copy.

All in all a good light lunch and the prices were not bad we paid under $20.00 for the food which is what I would expect to pay for a decent lunch in Vancouver. I would certainly go there again, or try one of there other locations it was comparable to the food we were to have in Florence.

We wandered back along Oxford Street and then down Regent Street window shopping and soaking up the atmosphere of London.

A fruit seller along Oxford Street

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