Monday, June 27, 2011

Thngs to in Florence #2 - Sit in outdoor cafe in a Piazza

Sitting in outdoor cafes in Piazza's is one of my favourite things to do in Italy, in fact any where.  If you sit in one of the main squares you will pay a premium for the drink, but I think it is worth it, especially if this is the only time you will be there. The people watching and soaking up the atmosphere is worth the little extra you may pay.  In Paris have a coffee on the Champs Elysee, it will probably be one of the most expensive coffees of your life, but you will always remember it.

In Florence we decided to have a bottle of Prosecco in Piazza della Signoria over looking the Pellazzo Vecchio.

It was a beautiful sunny warm lunch time and though none of us was very hungry we decided to look at the menu for something to eat to go with our Prosseco.  Then prices were indeed horribly expensive, but it was just so darn pleasant we decided to order any way.  While we were waiting for our food, we received two plates of appetizers and two bowls of nuts and snacks for free!

One of the platters of appetizers

This was not a lot, but added to what we had ordered, certainly made a good light lunch and we did not feel so ripped off. I ordered a salad as I really was not hungry and was feeling the lack of salad and vegetables in our diet.

The salad was simple, but it was fresh and crisp and served like all salads in Florence with the olive oil and vinegar in separate bottles.  The others all ordered half sandwiches, which they were also pleasantly surprised to find were fresh and very tasty.

The view was wonderful the food was light and fresh as was the proscceo and it was just a wonderful respite in a day of heavy sight seeing.

View from the restaurant
One day when we were lost south of the Arno in a residential area, we were desperate for a respite from the heat and something cool to drink.  I noticed a sign outside a rather grubby looking bar that said in English "the drinks in the garden cost no more". So we went in to find the garden.  It was in fact a courtyard with a trellis covered in wisteria and grapevines, but it provided a wonderful shady place to sit and enjoy our cold beers. This revived us and lifted our spirits as we were a little low due to lots of walking, heat and being a little lost.

The dappled light of this picture reminds me of a Renoir painting. 

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