Sunday, April 6, 2014

Patricks Road House Santa Monica

My husband and I met in Santa Monica for a long weekend at the end of his trip to California and Arizona with our son.   We have been to Los Angeles many times, so we did not feel the need to go to any of the Los Angeles Icons. We rented a VRBO in the Santa Monica Canyon 1 block from the beach and the idea was to relax, bike, hike and of course eat. Unfortunately the first morning was spent with a frustrating trip to the Canadian Consulate and visa centre, due to some expired papers.  This was a fruitless exercise and ended with me having to book a different flight home.  This done we walked the block from our accommodation to Patricks Road house a Santa Monica Icon across the road from the beach

The first thing in order was a drink, but sadly they are BYOB only and even though the waitress helpfully pointed out that there was a liquor store across the road, we stuck to water and coffee. The speciality of the house are fresh made chips (crisps) with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese served with guacamole. I decided homemade truffle chips sounded decadent enough to wipe out the lost morning that I would never get back.

These were large fresh and truly delicious as was the guacamole.

We did not want to ruin our lunch so we ate half of these and took the remainder back and ate them with a steak and grilled asparagus we barbecued on our deck for dinner the next night.

The world was was starting to look like a friendlier happier place and the holiday commenced.

Next came the main course, I ordered the special of the day fish tacos.

This was a plate of 4 small tortillas topped with grilled fish, pico de gallo and a slice of avocado.  These were light and the pico de gallo were tasty, but the fish did not live up the other food that we had.  My husband ordered the breakfast burrito.

excuse the camera handle :(

This was anything but light.  A large flour tortilla wrapped around potatoes, avocado, salsa, cheese and a very tasty bacon. This was very good especially that bacon, he ate half and the other half went back for breakfast another day.  This was a very good lunch and did make up for the lost morning, we went back to our deck for a glass of wine and to book the new flight.

There were bikes provided, and we were a 5 minute flat bike ride to the bike path that runs along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice beach.

We did this several times, this is my kind of bike ride, flat as a pancake and they had a wonderful beach bike that had a large seat and high handle bars so both my back and bum did not suffer at all. Dave even went in for a swim! Pretty good for the end of March.

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