Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ruby lake resort

Over 20 years ago, my husband and then two small sons were going for a week on Texada Island along with my parents and were looking for a place to stop along the way.  We saw a sign for Ruby Lake Resort and so we stopped in.  It turns out that it had recently been bought by a family from Italy and they were serving authentic trattoria style Italian food right here on the Sunshine Coast. It was such an amazing surprise, and it was the first time my very picky eldest son tried eating something other than bread or pasta no sauce (penne with gorgonzola sauce).

We have been coming here ever since and the chef even catered my 50th birthday at my friends cabin in Pender Harbour. And from that gorgonzola sauce my son has moved on to be quite a discerning diner.  After an afternoon of swimming in Ruby lake we decided to treat ours selves with an early dinner there before taking the ferry home.

Ruby Lake
It was an extremely hot day and the shaded patio looked very inviting.

They grow their own herbs, gather wild mushrooms and generally try to serve local fresh and in season.  In fact while we were ordering the "free range chicken" wandered by.

To start we ordered The ocean wise seafood platter wild prawns, local clams, mussels, and scallops steamed in white wine-Pomodoro sauce, garlic, and Italian herbs which was served with bread for sopping up the delicious juices.

This was absolutely delicious and a very good way to start a meal.

One of the specials that day was steel head trout, which both Al and my husband ordered.

This was an amazing large portion of fresh simply grilled fish.  The steel head trout is a fish that resembles a rainbow trout but migrates to salt water like a salmon and tastes somewhere between the two. Definitely a good choice on their part.

Nancy and I both ordered the tuna.

This was also a very large portion of fresh grilled fish and was topped with a sauce of capers and olives.  I will have to try making that, because it really was a wonderfully tasty salty topping for a mild fish or chicken.

No one really had room for dessert, but Al had to have Chef Aldo's famous tiramisu any way.

And since it was such a hot day we ordered a chocolate gelato bomb to share as well.

This was a beautiful meal and a beautiful day, I wish it could be summer all year round, but maybe we would not appreciate it in the same way if it was.

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