Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crusty Olive bread cooked on a barbecue

The oven up at my friends place in Pender Harbour was acting strangely on the weekend, so when I wanted to make bread I had to use the barbecue.  Of course as it was really hot this was not a hardship and in some ways is a good way of dealing with making bread without heating up the house.

I used my basic crusty bread recipe, but after the bread was kneaded and just before leaving to rise I added about a cup of chopped pitted green olives.

I kneaded for about one more minute until the olives were evenly distributed through the dough and then left it to rise as normal.

We heated up the barbecue to 600, then turned one side off and put in the trusty cast iron pot.  When this was heated through I plopped the dough in put the lid on the pot and cooked with the top down on the barbecue for about 20 minutes when I took the lid off the cast iron pot.

And cooked it for a further 20 minutes or so until it had turned a lovely golden brown.

Due to time constraints I did not cook it as dark as I usually do, but it was wonderful soft bread with a crusty exterior.  The only flour in the pantry was "easy mixing flour" this is flour that has been processed in some way so that when mixed in to sauces it does not cause lumps.  I was not sure what kind of bread this would make, but in fact the bread was fine.  It was a closer texture than normal without the large holes that you normally get.

This was gratefully received by the beleaguered sailors that we delivered it to, I brought this along with some marinated lebna that I had brought from home.

Anyway things always taste better when eaten outside and there really is nothing much better than fresh home made bread.

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