Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rosemary roasted potatoes

On Sunday my husband dug out one of our potato plants to see how the potatoes were doing. Finally they have grown large enough to really use.

They are not quite as large as they look next to those carrots, those carrots are mini carrots really too small to be taken away from their mother.  But the potatoes were spectacular and enough to feed five for dinner and a couple of small ones for two of us another evening.

But how to cook these precious potatoes? I did not want to smother them with too much other flavour, but wanted to cook them with the respect they deserved. So I decided to toss them with a little olive oil, salt and sprig of rosemary with the leaves stripped off the stem.

Ready for the oven
I then cooked them in a 400 oven until they were just turning crispy on the outside and soft and floury on the inside.

These may not look very special, but what a joy to dig up something from the garden, cook it and serve to your family and friends.  I do not know what type of potato this is but it is very floury and will make amazing mashed potatoes next time I dig some up.

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