Monday, September 26, 2011

Roasted cauliflower and tomatoes

I got the idea for this very simple dish from a recipe from Martha Stewart. I think both cauliflower and tomatoes gain something from being roasted, it intensifies the flavour of the tomato and gives the cauliflower a rather nice nutty flavour.

I had people coming for dinner on Saturday night and I had spent the morning cleaning up the house due to the fact that part of roof and ceiling are in the process of being fixed, and the afternoon picking them and food up.  So I wanted to cook a very easy no fuss meal, and all the ingredients were so fresh and good I did not really need to add too much.

I picked up a beautiful cauliflower at Granville Island and I had picked a bowl full of cherry tomatoes from my deck so all I did was toss these with some olive oil salt and pepper and place in a shallow roasting tin.

I then tossed this in the oven with the chicken pieces that I was roasting with fresh sage.

   The chicken cooked for about 1 hour and the cauliflower and tomatoes about half an hour.  So really this could not be called a recipe just an idea and it was simple and quick to prepare along with some green beans and fingerling potatoes cooked with mint in the water.

OK I know roast chicken again, but I love roast chicken and when you are entertaining, you really do not want to be fussing in the kitchen, you want to be sitting on the deck with a gin and tonic like everyone else. The roast cauliflower and tomato was also good and a great accompaniment.


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