Sunday, October 27, 2013

Barbecue in Mexico

I am lucky enough to have a friend, who has a friend who lives in a house on the beach in Mexico! This is not the Mexico of all inclusives and resort hotels, this is the Mexico of middle class Mexicans and "gringos" living the dream of endless summer. The town is  called San Carlos in the State of Senora on the Sea of Cortes.

We spent much of our time rolling between snorkeling, swimming and just sitting on the deck enjoying the view and the warm sunshine. On the first night that we arrived a Mexican family that had adopted our host arrived to cook a Mexican barbecue.  Senora is renowned for it's beef and and a traditional Senorian barbecue starts out very similar to a Canadian barbecue with steak.

They brought some beautiful rib eye and sirloin steaks that had been sprinkled with sea salt and left to rest in that for a while.  When the coals were burning and before any food was put on, they wiped the grill with a cut onion to clean and season it.

The first thing that went on was some beautiful fresh green onions that were grilled whole.

These were eaten sprinkled with salt and lime squeezed on them and were extremely tasty.  The family produced a plate of what they called beef tartar.

This was raw very finely ground beef mixed with chopped jalapeno pepper, tomatoes and onion and mixed with a lot of lime juice and was absolutely delicious. we devoured this with corn chips as the steak was cooking.

The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and then cut up to strips so that it could be eaten in a flour tortilla, with the sauce and quacamole.

As they had also brought a wonderful adobe sauce and a large container of quacamole.

This had far more onion than we would normally use, was quite chunky and very limey.  It was also very delicious.  I contributed my standard salsa fresca, I had made earlier in the day.

We ended the evening dancing to a band that was playing for a wedding down the beach, a great way to work off some of the food. There was a lot left over and we relived it the next day for lunch!

A perfect start to a great week in the sun.

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