Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spa in the high Andes

After a week in the Amazon, with the heat, the mud and the lack of hair dryer it was such a pleasure to drive for 10 hours up to a hot springs called Papallacta. The weather was cool everything was clean and there were thermal springs all around and you could get an hour long message for $35.00! Connie and I thought we had arrived in heaven.

We got our room allocations and headed to the Cabana which had underfloor heating provided by the hot springs and joy of joy's a bath. Everywhere we had been staying so far had showers and I really am a bath person.

Right outside was a hot pool, so we donned our bathing suites and jumped in.  Unfortunately shortly thereafter I started to feel a little nauseous and decided to lie down for a little while.  Well a little while turned out to be 12 hours! I was suffering a little from the altitude, we were at over 3,300 metres high and I guess the quick ascent along with sitting in a hot tub was too much for me.  So I can not describe to you how good the food was at dinner that night at a local restaurant, but everyone told me it was wonderful.

The next morning I was a new women and so I went along with everybody else down to the same restaurant for an Ecuadorian breakfast. This turned out to be warm fresh buns (that tasted better than they look) with melting queso fresco inside.

These came along with a fried egg and fresh juice.  There was also instant coffee, which made half and half with hot chocolate was not too bad.

For $3.00 for the whole meal you really can not complain.  After breakfast Connie and Headed over to the spa for our massages.

This was probably the best massage I have ever had, and it was especially good after a week in the Amazon.  After the massage another dip in the Hot springs.

Then it was off back to Quito.  In an ideal world there would have been one less day in the Amazon and one day more in the Spa, but as they say just that is just a first world problem.

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